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The Plant Whisperer AU

Plant Parenthood 101 Workshop

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Do you love plants but struggle with keeping them looking lush? Perhaps you're slightly overbearing and tend to kill them with kindness, or maybe you give them too much independence and realise they need help after its too late... well worry no more friends, The Plant Whisperer is here to school you once and for all!

In this 1 hour beginners workshop you'll learn the  golden rules of plant care and have all your burning questions answered. Our team of experts will break it down into easy to understand steps and solutions so you can become the best Plant Parent you can possibly be.

We'll give you a new baby to practice your skills on (yours to take home) and a handy booklet to take home. Feel free to bring any problem children along on the day for some specialist tailored advice and ask as many questions as you like - we can't wait to share our planty passion and recruit some new members to our family.