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The Plant Whisperer AU

Plant Parenting Short Course - deep dive

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Do you love plants but struggle with keeping them looking lush? Perhaps you're slightly overbearing and tend to kill them with kindness, or maybe you give them too much independence and realise they need help after its too late... well worry no more friends, The Plant Whisperer is here to school you once and for all!

In this short course you'll learn how to vibe with your plant babies so that you can become a plant whispering guru. As we deep dive over 3 weeks into all aspects of plant parenthood you'll have all your burning questions answered and receive a super lush, fashion forward plant to take home each class. Our team of experts will break it down into easy to understand steps and solutions so you can become the best Plant Parent you can possibly be.

We'll give you a stunning new plant to take home each week and a handy booklet to refer to in case you need reminders of your new found skills. Note: We are plant enthusiasts so you can guarantee you'll be getting some very special, lust worthy plants. Feel free to bring any problem children along for some specialist tailored advice and ask as many questions as you like.

You'll finish this course confident to be able to care for, propagate and boost your plant babies so that you'll have your very own plant jungle and be the envy of your dessert fingered friends.


Course Structure

Week 1 - Water, light and potting 

How to get it right and how to know when it's wrong. You'll learn how to tell what your baby needs and when they need it. You'll receive and lush and lovely aroid (think monstera, philodendron, epipremnum etc) to take home and learn how to repot


Week 2 - Propagation and moss poles

We will teach you how to propagate your houseplants so you can get and trade cuttings with your mates and grow your collection for free. Learn the different ways to propagate various families of plants and get five new cuttings to take home. You'll learn how, when and where to take cuttings and the many ways to get them to grow roots. You'll make a moss pole to take home a receive a different aroid to take home.


Week 3 - Pests, fertilisers and food

In our final week we'll learn all about common pests & how to get rid of them, what and when to feed our babies and how to make our own food from our kitchen waste. We'll also consolidate what we've learnt so far and go over anything we're struggling with. We'll receive our final plant baby to take home which will be a choice of one of many different desirable varieties.


Next course runs on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm - 8pm from 14th September (class nights are 14th, 21st & 28th September) and places are limited.

We need a minimum number of people to run this course. In the unlikely event we don't get the numbers, students will have the option to reschedule or receive a refund.